Credit Protection Insurance

Protect yourself and your family with a life insurance that comes with a Home Credit loan!

Credit Protection Insurance (CPI) is a life insurance cover provided by Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc. which protects Home Credit customers and their family members. CPI provides peace of mind by ensuring payment for unpaid loans left by the customer and also provides the insurance beneficiaries with some extra financial support.

番茄社区app官网The beneficiaries of the deceased customer will receive any amount left over after payment of the loan’s outstanding balance.

How to avail?

When applying for a Home Credit loan, simply ask your Sales Associate about the CPI insurance option.

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CPI covers 120% of the loan

Your family gets all the excess proceeds of the CPI after paying Home Credit the outstanding balance of the loan.

It’s simple and easy to avail

Avail of the insurance option together with your Home Credit loan application! No additional application forms needed.

Available to all customers

番茄社区app官网Every Home Credit customer between age 18 and 65 is eligible for the insurance. No other requirements needed!

How does it work? Here’s an example.


番茄社区app官网Joshua is a Home Credit customer who borrowed P9,000 for 9 months. Since CPI covers 120% of the loan, Joshua received a corresponding life insurance worth P10,800 for 9 months.


番茄社区app官网After 6 months, Joshua had already paid P6,000. Unfortunately, he passed away and left his family with an unpaid balance worth P3,000.


Thanks to the CPI, Joshua’s unpaid balance was covered by the insurance and his family got the excess benefits worth P7,800.

CPI Calculations

Loan Amount: P9,000 (P1,000 is monthly installment)
Insurance Coverage: P10,800 (120% of loan amount)
Loan Balance at time of death: P3,000 – paid by Sun Life Grepa to Home Credit
Excess Coverage: P7,800 (P10,800 coverage less P3,000 balance) – paid by Sun Life Grepa to Beneficiary
How to avail?

番茄社区app官网When applying for a Home Credit loan, simply ask your Sales Associate about the CPI insurance option.